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OPERA Budapest Vodka - Bortársaság

OPERABudapest Vodka

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The team of the First Hungarian Gin Manufacture created Opera Vodka after almost a year of experimentation. The 40% pure vodka is made with several special filterings and treatings of the gluten-free corn alcohol, based on their secret recipe.

For one thing, we recommend Opera Vodka for making classic cocktails, such as the Vodka Martini made famous by James Bond or the Cosmopolitan popularized by the women of the Sex and the City series. “Opera Vodka is excellent for one of my personal favourite vodka cocktails, the Moscow Mule, but owing to its silky texture and purity it can be a great basic ingredient of Vodka Soda that is very popular in Hungary,” says founder Bálint Dámosy.    

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