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PROCLAMATION Blended Irish Whiskey (0,7 l) (in Gift Box) - Bortársaság

PROCLAMATIONBlended Irish Whiskey (0,7 l) (in Gift Box)

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The Proclamation symbolizes the independent spirit of Ireland, which has historical significance. The label on the bottle faithfully reflects the nation’s original Proclamation and is also a tribute to the three printers who played a key role at that time. This whiskey was created from a mix of Irish grain and malt, which is made in small batches and made complete by triple distillation, and new bourbon barrels and the sherry finish. It’s an extremely rich and elegant whiskey with notes of Williams pear, apricot, cappuccino and crème brûlée on the nose, while the notes of freshly made pastry, oak and brioche can be recognized on the palate.

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