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NIKKA Vodka Coffey - Bortársaság

NIKKAVodka Coffey

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HUF 14 500
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The name of Japanese whisky producer Masakata Taketsuru probably sounds familiar to all those who’ve immersed themselves into the world of spirits. He was the first Japanese person to learn the secrets of making whiskey in Scotland, and it was also thanks to him that the first column stills arrived in Japan. In fact, the name ‘Coffey’ has nothing to do with coffee, but instead refers to a certain gentleman called Aeneas Coffey, who invented the column still – the Coffey Still. After the success of the first Grain and Malt versions of the series, the range was expanded with gin and vodka. The latter is made from corn and barley, which are distilled separately and later blended, then it is refined with white birch charcoal for an even more balanced and silky texture. It has citrus and malty notes on the nose, which also return on the palate with its clean and round structure. 

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