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CÓDIGO Blanco Tequila - Bortársaság

CÓDIGOBlanco Tequila

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This spirit, which was earlier known as ‘El Tequila Privado’, is made by a local family dealing with craftsman and distillers in the town of Amatitán, based on its own family recipe. Several events that define the past of the locals have played a role in the bottle and label: 1. vintage, which marks the year the city was founded, 2. the Jerusalem cross, which can also be found at the top of the Jalesco coat of arms, 3. the name Código, which derives from ‘Los Códigos’ and carried old traditions from before colonization. The water used during the distillations is obtained from rainwater filtered from freshwater pools and volcanic mountains, and three times more blue agaves are used than average – thanks to it a better quality and sweeter distillate is obtained. The agaves are cooked in stainless steel ovens without any artificial additives, the organic yeast is obtained from a small family bakery and the drink is distilled twice in the distillery they built. Blanco is a tequila with an earthy, mineral character, which shows great balance with its citrusy sweetness. For most of their drinks, they use the finest Napa Valley wine barrels made of white oak.

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