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VOLCÁN DE MI TIERRA Tequila Blanco - Bortársaság


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HUF 20 500
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HUF 18 790

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It was made from 100% blue agave, and comes from the western part of the country, from Jalisco. It was named after the once active volcano, Volcán de Tequila, which formed a soil layer rich in basalt and iron. The crop here is not harvested earlier than after 9 years, during processing the agaves are baked in brick ovens, and then the juice is extracted using stone disks. The 4-digit number (NOM identifier) on the label indicates the distillery and all authentic distilleries are labelled CRT. Cristalino is made from two types of ageing: anejo, which was aged in Glenmorangie whiskey barrels for a minimum of one year; and extra anejo, which was aged in Hennessy cognac barrels for a minimum of 3 years. It has a robust and rich structure, with dried fruits, chocolate, tobacco, caramel and vanilla.

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