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ISLE OF HARRIS Gin - Bortársaság


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A beautifully packaged Scottish artisanal gin flavoured with sugar kelp and 8 other ingredients. Beside its appearance, it’s a drink with a pure nose and palate, and in addition to the juniper-wax aromas, lemon, bitter orange, grapefruit and a hint of anise also appear. It is rounded off by a subtle salty, long finish.


An artisanal gin from the southern part of the Isle of Lewis, which belongs to the Outer Hebrides and is located off the coast of Scotland. Locals call the southern, hillier, less populated part of the island Harris, where the distillery was founded by local people in 2015, in the village of Tarbert. Their goal was to invigorate the village, and to prevent young people from leaving it. Today, 40 permanent employees work here. At the time of founding the distillery, they practically didn’t know anything about making spirits, yet instead of calling distillery masters from elsewhere, the local people trained themselves in each work process – and now a former construction worker, a carpenter and a policeman also work here.

They also make whiskey, but for now, only their gin is available, and each product is bottled and labelled by hand.

One important aspect of making gin is that the distillation process is divided into 3 parts, fractions: which are the heads, heart and tails. The heads are pure but too strong, the tails at the end of the process are less aromatic, so they only bottle the best, purest, mid-distillate, the heart of the drink.

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