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PLANTATION Rum Plantation Panama 2008 Bortársaság Single Cask Pineau - Bortársaság

PLANTATIONRum Plantation Panama 2008 Bortársaság Single Cask Pineau

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After the successful cooperation of the previous years, the joint project of French-originating Plantation and Bortársaság can be tasted again. As always, the goal was to create a rum that faithfully reflects the characteristics of the Caribbean through the style of the distillery. Following the short fermentation of 2-3 days, the molasses is put into column stills, and after distillation, maturation begins, which is the basis of the typical character of brown rums. In the first phase, the distillate rests in Bourbon barrels for 12 years, followed by the second phase of ageing – finishing – for which, in the spirit of French elegance, Pineau des Charentes barrels are used.

Unique, special, small batch.

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