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AKORI Premium Gin - Bortársaság

AKORIPremium Gin

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HUF 11 900
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HUF 10 900

Unit price: HUF 17 000 / litre. Our prices are gross prices.

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A Japanese-inspired London Dry Gin. This special gin is made in Spain, although it was inspired by Japanese culture and traditions. It uses rare Japanese plants and fruits that are hardly known in the domestic environment. These carefully selected spices give it an extraordinary taste and character, which makes it completely different from the usual gin styles.

Its base is top-quality rice, which creates the gin’s rich and smooth texture, the juniper and fresh lemon peel enrich it with spicy and citrus notes, while kamquat and ginger give the drink a unique taste. However, the most defining element is the pintaja, also known as dragon fruit, which gives it a special and unique feel. The nose is dominated by fresh and exotic fruits, as well as the aromas of juniper and pintaja. The palate is extremely exotic and intense, offering a new experience to gin lovers. Thanks to this, it is characterized by a light pink colour and an appealing perfumed nose.

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