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HARBOUR Gin 40° 48’N - Bortársaság

HARBOURGin 40° 48’N

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HUF 14 900
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HUF 13 650

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A turquoise-emerald green coloured gin from Spain. In addition to the fresh juniper, delicious salty-olive notes, thyme and lavender appear on the nose, while the palate is light and fresh with refreshing citrus.

The name is a geographical coordinate – the town of L’Ampolla, in the delta of the River Ebro, is located here. Daniel Casas, who dreamt up the gin, wanted to bottle the botanicals of the local biosphere and the scent of the sea. L’Ampolla is the sure point to which he returned and where he made the gin, after gathering the spices and botanicals needed for the drink from the mountains, national parks, the sea and the seashore of the area.

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