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KILCHOMAN Sanaig - Bortársaság


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A family enterprise that was established in 2005 on the Isle of Islay, which is known for its smoky whisky. The size of the estate is 2,300 hectares, and most of it is grazed by sheep and cattle. It is one of the few distilleries that still germinates the soaked malt in the traditional way, spread out over the floor. The flavour is taken up by the malt during the smoking of the peat bricks, which give the island’s whisky its unique character. The two main barrel types used are bourbon and sherry casks, but they also use special barrels (such as Sauternes, red wine, rum, port) for experiments. Using the non-chill filtered process, Sanaig was also aged in bourbon and sherry barrels, with the latter getting more emphasis. Aromas of raisins, orange peel, stone fruits and peat smoke, then plum, cherry, caramel, oak and dark chocolate on the palate.

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