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MAC-TALLA Mara Cask Strength - Bortársaság

MAC-TALLAMara Cask Strength

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HUF 23 200
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Stanley P. Morrison used to be a broker, who after launching his own company, got in touch with large distilleries. Owing to his connections, one of the oldest distilleries (Bowmore) of the island became his property at the time, which was later bought from him, in 1994, by the Japanese group of companies, Suntory. Currently, Jamie and Brian Morrison carry on the legacy of the Morrison family distillery with their brand Mac-Talla. Mac-Talla means ‘echo’ in Scottish Gaelic, while the name Mara refers to the constant battle between the ocean and the coast of the island, where the waves, the salty air and humidity all leave a mark on the whisky. Soft citrus aromas, peat smoke, salty sea air on the nose, then honey on the palate with sea notes, pronounced oak, and an intense, long finish.

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