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HEAVEN'S DOOR Double Barrel - Bortársaság

HEAVEN'S DOORDouble Barrel

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HUF 34 500
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HUF 31 620

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Heaven’s Door is made in co-production with legendary artist Bob Dylan and the Spirits Investment Partnership. The pattern shows Dylan’s distinctive welded iron gate, made in the studio of Black Buffalo Ironworks, and the items used for it were collected from farms and landfills across America. It is a unique blend of 3 different whiskeys (2 Tennessee and 1 rye), which are aged independently in new oak and new bourbon barrels for at least 6 years before blending. It is then aged for a further 1 year in new, heavily-toasted American oak barrels. Aromas of maple, walnuts, vanilla, oak, dried fruits, caramel, cherries, dried apricots, coconut, orange oil and cocoa.

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