Miguel Torres - Chile

The groundbreaking Catalan winemaker Miguel Torres was the first foreign investor to spot the vast potential in Chile’s ideal climatic conditions for making high quality wine, when he purchased the 100 hectare Ahrex family estate in the Curicó region, in Chile’s Central Valley, in 1979. Torres Chile has since grown to 330 hectares in Curicó from three climatically diverse vineyards. Curicó’s modern winemaking history began when Torres arrived, opening the doors to a wave of foreign investments in Chile. In 2003, Torres added the Fundo Empedrado estate, located near to Constitución and 180 km from Curicó, to its Chilean portfolio. Torres Chile has planted 44 hectares out of a total possible 369 of Fundo Empedrado’s prized slate soils, which are known as “piedra laja” in Chile. Terraces are being prepared here so that vines can be planted on the very steep slopes. Torres Chile’s wines are characterised by their pronounced varietal character and purity of fruit. As of 2010, Torres Chile is run by Miguel Torres Maczassek, a fifth generation Torres winemaker.