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KAIKEN Aventura Malbec Chacayes Norte 2021 - Bortársaság

KAIKENAventura Malbec Chacayes Norte 2021

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The goal of the Kaiken team is to expand the Malbec universe, to capture the individuality of the Argentinian vineyards through their wines, instead of flawlessly capturing the varietal character. In their selection, The Aventura series most evidently shows the shift of emphasis, the transition from strength to elegance, from concentrated fruit to finer touches, from weight to freshness, from large output to small batches. Young plantations in virgin lands, 130 kilometres south-west of Mendoza, 1,250 metres above sea level. Within the series, Norte has been our favourite since the beginning. The 2021 vintage is slightly ahead of the previous ones in terms of weight and ripeness. It’s intense, rich in hues, precise and clear. Manual-harvest and hand-sorting was followed by 4 days of cold soaking, then partial spontaneous fermentation in concrete vats, in which the wine was aged for another 12 months.

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Chilean success in Argentina. The pioneer of Chilean quality winemaking, Viña Montes, started its Kaiken winery in neighbouring Argentina based on Malbec. Today, they work on three estates within the Mendoza wine region, their vineyards lie in the best regions, their wines focus on terroir.

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