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KAIKEN Aventura Malbec Chacayes Sur 2020 - Bortársaság

KAIKENAventura Malbec Chacayes Sur 2020

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In search of the perfect Malbec from Mendoza, Kaiken's winemakers and viticulturalists have identified three micro-terroirs where plantings and experiments should be carried out. Two of them are located in the Los Chacayes region – one is on the north bank and the other is on the south bank of the River Arroyo Grande, at an altitude of 1,250 metres above sea level. The viticultural and oenological procedures are the same for the two wines: hand-harvesting and hand-sorting are followed by cold soaking for four days to increase the intensity of the aromas. Fermentation happens partly spontaneously in concrete vats, where the wines are then aged for another 12 months. The only difference is in the locations. In the case of the Sur, the plantings were carried out on loose loess subsoil, in which the roots of the vines can go down deep.

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Chilean success in Argentina. The pioneer of Chilean quality winemaking, Viña Montes, started its Kaiken winery in neighbouring Argentina based on Malbec. Today, they work on three estates within the Mendoza wine region, their vineyards lie in the best regions, their wines focus on terroir.

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