WENINGER Rózsa Petsovits Rosé 2019

Rózsa Petsovits Rosé 2019

The product is no longer available.

With their natural rosé – Rózsa Petsovits – Franz Weninger’s grandmother, who had Hungarian origins, is commemorated. She’s playing the accordion on this hip, hand-drawn label. Again, they could only bottle the new vintage of this extraordinary rosé at the time of grape flowering, since it fermented until then. From the Austrian side, the light varieties of Pinot Noir and St. Laurent were put into it; from the Hungarian side, the somewhat heavier Syrah. After brief skin contact, it was spontaneously fermented for a long time in concrete vats and a couple of used barrels. It was bottled without filtering and fining. A cellar-temperature bottle, a large glass and some openness is enough for tasting it. In the meantime, it’s worth getting lost in the detail of the label.


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