WENINGER Rózsa Petsovits Rosé (Bio)

Rózsa Petsovits Rosé (Bio)

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3 950 HUF
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Franz's grandmother, Rózsa Petsovits, was born exactly a hundred years ago. She plays the accordion on the hand-drawn label of the wine that commemorates her. From the first vintage, they have been selecting from the two sides of the border: the fuller Syrah from the Hungarian side, and the cooler Zweigelt and Pinot Noir from the Austrian side. Biodynamically cultivated grapes, brief skin contact, spontaneous fermentation in wooden vats, bottling without filtering and fining, locally at the cellar. Due to the low level of intervention, the low sulphur content and the unfiltered bottling, residual carbonic dioxide can be felt in each bottle, which is the by-product of the long spontaneous fermentation and a natural part of the style. Like Weninger wines in general, it shows its best form at cellar-cold temperature and after brief airing.

0.75 l
12 alc
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