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MORIC Blaufränkisch 2021 - Bortársaság

MORICBlaufränkisch 2021

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HUF 8 200
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This Blaufränkisch is Roland Velich’s best-known wine, which is also his trademark. It is harvested from younger vines from areas along Neckenmarkt and Lutzmannsburg. Every point of the winemaking falls back on tradition, and is about the variety, the place of growth and the people. A low yield of grapes, sorting, spontaneous fermentation in vats, ageing in used barrels, then it was bottled unfiltered and unfined, with little sulphur. The wine’s character is somewhere close to a more delicate Piemonte and a fuller Burgundy, but mostly it’s Burgenland. It has medium body, a translucent red colour, deep flavours of blue fruit, spice and black tea.

“It's not rocket science, it's just a drink that quenches our thirst and, at best, tastes better than water. Besides, of course, it's also the greatest thing in the world. A palpable, straightforward honesty defines my approach to wine, food and quality.” – Roland Velich

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