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    Bökő Dávid

    Bökő Dávid

    The rumbling sound of the tractor in the background is a given. We can hear it from the spring to the autumn whenever we’re on the phone to Dávid. He learned his first lessons about viticulture from his father, together they take care of the plots of local grape growers in the Tihany-Balatonfüred-Csopak triangle.

    BÖKŐ DÁVID Tihany a Balaton Partján 2022

    BÖKŐ DÁVIDTihany a Balaton Partján 2022

    HUF 4 750
    Bottle priceHUF 4 750
    Member price
    HUF 4 513
    BÖKŐ DÁVID "Parti sétány" Olaszrizling 2022

    BÖKŐ DÁVID"Parti sétány" Olaszrizling 2022

    HUF 4 150
    Bottle priceHUF 4 150
    Member price
    HUF 3 942


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