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MONTES Alpha Syrah 2018 - Bortársaság

MONTESAlpha Syrah 2018

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Alpha is Montes’ premium range that was first released in 1988, with which the winery became the country’s number one prestigious estate. Its status has been unquestionable ever since, and the Syrah stands out of even more. The grapes for it were harvested from the Colchagua Valley, the region in Chile that has proven the most besides Maipo. 45º slopes, varied soil, an excellent vintage. The result is an amazingly thick, concentrated wine with a silky texture, red and black berries, chocolate and fine tobacco. Everything you need. It was matured in new and used French barrels for a year.

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The symbol of the global success of Chilean wine is Viña Montes. Situated within South America’s prestigious Cochagua Valley, the winery started from 30 hectares. Montes Alpha was the first premium Chilean wine, and is made only in the best vintages. With the Kaiken Winery, they are also at home in Argentina now. 

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