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    Clemens Busch

    Clemens Busch’s Mosel winery lies on one side of the river, with the vineyards on the other. The grapes picked from the almost vertical slate hillside are taken to the winery by ferry. Cultivation is biodynamic, fermentation is spontaneous, ageing is in old oval barrels: dry wines and some sweets are created here. 

    CLEMENS BUSCH Riesling Nonnengarten 2022 (Organic)

    CLEMENS BUSCHRiesling Nonnengarten 2022 (Organic)

    HUF 12 900
    Bottle priceHUF 12 900
    Member price
    HUF 12 255
    CLEMENS BUSCH Riesling vom grauen Schiefer 2022 (Bio)

    CLEMENS BUSCHRiesling vom grauen Schiefer 2022 (Bio)

    HUF 10 200
    Bottle priceHUF 10 200
    Member price
    HUF 9 690
    CLEMENS BUSCH Riesling Marienburg 2022 Grosses Gewachs (Bio)

    CLEMENS BUSCHRiesling Marienburg 2022 Grosses Gewachs (Bio)

    HUF 19 900
    Bottle priceHUF 19 900
    Member price
    HUF 18 905


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