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DOMAINE DE MONTILLE Meursault "Les Perrières" 2020 Premier Cru (Bio) - Bortársaság

DOMAINE DE MONTILLEMeursault "Les Perrières" 2020 Premier Cru (Bio)

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HUF 87 500
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Domaine de Montille

This is the family estate next to village of Pommard with its Grand Cru and 1er Cru plots growing biodynamically cultivated grapes. It comprises 16 hectares planted mostly with Pinot Noir in 20 small parcels that are located far away from each other. The biggest is hardly one and a half hectares and the smallest is so small that Etienne points at it on the map hanging on the wall with his little finger. The place of our tasting is modest and simple. Next to the little tables, a retired American couple spends a small fortune on the wines of the house. From the six different wines, we managed to bring a case of each to Hungary: from the locally much-appreciated 2008 and the more widely appealing 2009 vintages.

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