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WILLIAM FEVRE Chablis Bougros 2019 Grand Cru - Bortársaság

WILLIAM FEVREChablis Bougros 2019 Grand Cru

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HUF 34 500
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HUF 31 620

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The estate, registered since 1959, is an old classic of our French selection, and the relationship is further strengthened by the fact that the latest estate in our Champagne selection, Henriot, and William Févre, are managed by the same hands. The Févre family has been cultivating the challenging vineyards of the wine region for much longer, almost for 250 years, and today, under the management of Maisons & Domains Henriot, it has become one of the largest estates in Chablis with 78 hectares of its own vineyards and additional rented vineyards.

In the central part of Chablis, the grand cru vineyards are concentrated on a small hillside, compared to the entire size of the wine region. Bougros is the westernmost parcel of these, from which they also harvested grapes for this wine. Tasting the estate's wines and stepping higher and higher, one understands what the grand cru category represents. It’s the infinitely harmonious and elegant interplay between minerality and powerful acidity. After the gravity-flow processing, half of the wine was fermented and aged in barrels, with the other half aged in tanks for 15 months.

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