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PASCAL JOLIVET Attitude Sauvignon Blanc 2021 - Bortársaság

PASCAL JOLIVETAttitude Sauvignon Blanc 2021

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Regarding the balance between the terroir and the grape variety, the style of the estate wine, made from the Touraine grape plantation’s 5 parcels, 30 hectares of limestone and flint soil, leans towards the latter. Among her first steps as the chief winemaker of the estate, Valentina Buoso cut down on oak use, and with it the emphasis shifted even more towards naturalness and highlighting the variety’s elegance. The nose of this spontaneously tank-fermented wine opens with loads of green pepper, cut grass, asparagus and dill. Over time, the nose softens to the palate, with aromas of fruits that are rounder and sweeter in tone. It’s a minerally vibrant and an exciting, joyful wine.

In addition to the place of growth and the variety, the winery’s entry-level wine gives back the style and attitude of the house. It comes from the limestone areas of Touraine and the flinty (silex) Anger sur Cher. Natural winemaking with its own yeast with low intervention. Since 1987, 120 ha, only their own grapes, organic cultivation.

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Pascal Jolivet

Pascal Jolivet, ambassador of Sauvignon Blanc and its homeland, the Loire Valley, has put everything into the variety via the two classic places of growth – the terroir of the milder and mineral Sancerre and the flinty and lean, ‘gunpowder’ Pouilly-Fumé. He has built on their success with Attitude, from Touraine. 

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