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PASCAL JOLIVET Blanc Fumé 2020 - Bortársaság


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Formerly known as Pouilly Fumé, this wine which is made from grapes harvested on the right bank of the Loire has been marketed as Blanc Fumé since the 2020 vintage. The use of the local nickname of the variety also refers to Jolivet’s rich family heritage, which has nearly a century-long history in winemaking. Before setting up his own estate, Pascal’s grandfather Lucien Jolivet had also bottled his Sauvignon Blanc as Blanc Fumé. The French word fumé means smoky, which refers to the aroma reminiscent of gunpowder that is typical in local wines. This characteristic scent is often referred to as pierre à fusil, which means ‘flint’, literally ‘gun stone’. For winemakers in Pouilly-Fumé, this aroma is one of the most important and distinctive traits and a source of great local pride. The 2020 harvest perhaps brought the best vintage of the last 10 years, resulting in a masculine, fruity, timeless and complex wine

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