FIGUIÉRE Rosé Premiere 2018

Rosé Premiere 2018

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If there’s a problem with a wine, no matter how big a story-balloon we blow around it, interest fades away quickly and success cannot be assured in the long-term. However, the Figuiére rosés have been among the world’s best for years, which makes tracing back its story worthwhile.

The estate lies on the French Riviera, between Saint Tropez and Cassis, just a few hundred metres from the sea shore. The estate has special petrographical characteristics: the soil is made up mainly of slate that shines in the most diverse colours in the midday sun. From a viticultural point of view, it’s an even more important aspect that the thin-lamina slate provides good drainage, so the roots need to go deep. 

The grapes that make it into Premiére come completely from the estate’s own plots that have been cultivated organically for 40 years. For the blend, they use the three main Provence rosé varieties: Mourvèdre, Cinsault and Grenache.

The aromas are sophisticated and captivating. All the components of peach can be found in it from the flower, through the flesh of the fruit to the stone. In the background, there are ginger, pistachio and slightly spicy notes. It’s ethereally pure and light on the palate, while the flavours are mouth-filling. Juicy, peachy and lingering with a slightly sour finish. All of its components are in the right place, in perfect harmony. It’s an irresistibly charming wine.  

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