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MAS DE CADENET Rouge 2017 (Bio) - Bortársaság

MAS DE CADENETRouge 2017 (Bio)

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Mas in Provençal dialect means estate, and cade is the name of the native red juniper, thus Mas de Cadenet means: an estate with junipers. The Negrel family has been living and working here for seven generations, and now Maud and Matthieu run the winery along with their father, Guy Negrel. Looking at the estate from almost anywhere, we can see the white limestone hill of Sainte-Victoire in the background, which Cézanne, who used to live here, painted at least 30 times and which also gave the name of the appellation itself.  Hot days, cool nights and the drying wind make the estate’s deep-coloured, dense red partner of the lean rosé so concentrated and distinctive. It has a deep purple colour, with the fresh and rich notes complemented by the spice and black fruit typical of the two local varieties. 70% Syrah and 30% Grenache

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