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FRITZ HAAG Brauneberger Juffer Riesling 2021 Grosses Gewachs - Bortársaság

FRITZ HAAGBrauneberger Juffer Riesling 2021 Grosses Gewachs

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The history of the Juffer vineyard, one of the jewels of the Mosel, planted exclusively with Riesling, dates back to 1790. The owner of the vineyards at the time, the aristocrat Kurpfälzische Kammerherr Wunderlich, had three daughters, all three of whom remained unmarried and lived as spinsters. When they took over the management of the vineyard from their father, their wines became famous throughout the wine world under the name ‘Brauneberger Juffer’, i.e. ‘the Brauneberg Spinster’. The hot slate soil on the incredibly steep riverbank wall that has a gradient of up to 80%, was considered outstanding even back then. The gently pressed must of the manually-harvested bunches is fermented spontaneously after brief skin contact. The wine is aged in 1,000-litre oak barrels, or fuders as they say here, and in stainless steel tanks. It’s a dry Riesling with a pronounced structure, special minerality, full, yet airy.


Fritz Haag

One of the most important family estates of the Mosel region, from Brauneberg, with a 400-year-old history. The winery’s Riesling grapes grow on extremely steep slopes, among others, in the famous Juffer vineyard, on slate soil. The grapes are turned into wines in a unique, pure style by the team of Oliver Haag.

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