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DR. BÜRKLIN-WOLF Gaisböhl Riesling 2018 Grosses Gewachs - Bortársaság

DR. BÜRKLIN-WOLFGaisböhl Riesling 2018 Grosses Gewachs

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This outstanding vineyard is completely owned by Dr. Bürklin-Wolf. Its first written mention dates back to the Late Middle Ages, when it was classified as a first-class vineyard by the Royal Bavarian Land Register. This wine is fermented in large, old oak barrels without added yeast and then matured on fine lees until June 2020. Primarily it’s a great wine and only secondarily is it a Riesling. Instead of the usual carnival-atmosphere hustle and bustle of Riesling, it brings the Gaisböhl’s elevated and relaxed atmosphere with its restrained aromas of lime, apricot, hay and dried flowers. It’s extremely deep and dense on the palate, with a smooth, ripe acid structure, apricot and pineapple aromas and a pronounced mineral character. The finish lingers on for minutes. A dignified wine.

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Dr. Bürklin-Wolf

One of Germany’s largest family wineries and biodynamically cultivated estates. They have 86 hectares and instead of growing further, they’re cutting down in order to improve the biodynamic growing. Beside the dry Rieslings, they are known for their sweet wines. They classify their vineyards based in a Burgundian way. 

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