MÁTYÁS ANDRÁS Somlyó Fehér 2016

Somlyó Fehér 2016

The product is no longer available.

"Pinot Blanc is our favourite variety and we have the most from it. True, it requires the most work, but it is traditional here."

András Mátyás sticks to tradition but the Somlyó might be an exception. An extraordinary, barrier-pushing and modern 'natural wine' that's a blend of four different methods (it was fermented in large used barrel, fermented in new barrel, fermented with the addition of whole berries and orange wine kept on the skins for two weeks). In the end, it was bottled without filtering or fining. A slowly opening but exciting waxy nose. A complex, mouth-filling, smooth and substantial palate. A big wine made from 100% organic grapes.

Mátyás András
12.5 alc
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