FÖLDI BÁLINT Olaszrizling 2019

Olaszrizling 2019

The product is no longer available.

“There’s one rule in the cellar: everything is fermented spontaneously,” says Bálint Földi, who visited many places before establishing his own winery. He was a cellar hand in New Zealand, carried out the harvest at Gellavilla, and now most people know him as the winemaker of the Sabar winery, which is his main job. His own wines can only be found in a few outlets – they are highly esteemed, small batch wines from three varieties, made in a mature style. The warmer-character Olaszrizling is a blend of an old Badacsonyörs plot and a younger Szent György-Hill plot. Only two barrels, and all together 600 bottles were made of it. 

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