SKIZO Ottonel Muskotály 2017

Ottonel Muskotály 2017

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A semi-sweet Balaton Muscat Ottonel that owes its delicious sweetness, 17 grams of residual sugar, to the halting of fermentation and the cooling of the fermenting must. This is also the reason for its mere 9% alcohol that gives it especially good drinkability in the spring-summer months. It’s important to mention that it contains no added extract, which is often used to sweeten off-dry or semi-sweet wines. Balázs picked the nice crop of Ottonel early, with a low sugar level during the hot August of 2017. That provides the wine’s truly intense Muscat nose and palate, the light and airy palate, as well as the delicious but not high acidity. This wine can be a really good choice for customers seeking lower alcohol wine. Its sweetness and intense aromas are also ideal for those who are getting to know wine.  

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9 alc
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