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VILLA TOLNAY Tenger Cuvée 2018 - Bortársaság

VILLA TOLNAYTenger Cuvée 2018

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“When our new cellar was built, all that we found at a depth of 12 metres was sand – Pannonian Sea sediment. That’s where the name comes from [Tenger means sea in English], for which we conjured up a wine that is modern and cosmopolitan, yet it has the region and tradition in it. Last year’s, the first vintage, became the way it is following lots of trial blending and tasting. And the 2018 is the same story – the same character with a touch less oak, and this way, it’s possibly a step closer to our concept. It’s harmonious and complex with good acidity, and what I appreciate the most in it is the ‘drinking flow’, that it’s so easy to drink.” – Philipp Oser. 
It’s more of a selection than an estate wine. A selection from the cellar’s nicest barrels, with four varieties. Half of it is given by Chardonnay fermented in French oak, the other half is made up by Riesling, Grüner Veltliner and Olaszrizling aged in the oval barrels of Andreas Assmann and Franz Stockinger. The winemaking was carried out without sulphur and pumps, fermentation happened calmly, spontaneously and lengthily. 

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