KONYÁRI Loliense Fehér 2019

Loliense Fehér 2019

The product is no longer available.

“The two Lolienses provide the backbone of our selection. They have been made the same way since the first vintages. In the case of the white Loliense, we blend it the same way as we did 16-17 years ago during the first vintage. The larger part, almost 40% of it, is always given by the Sauvignon Blanc, the rest is Chardonnay and Olaszrizling in equal proportions. The harvest period is getting shorter – we harvest these three varieties within 1 or 2 days, sometimes the Chardonnay and the Olaszrizling even ferments together. Ever since the first vintage, we’ve fermented it reductively in tanks, it’s never had any barrel components in it. When the three varieties have fermented, we blend them as new wines, then it ages on fine lees.” – Dániel Konyári.

The 2019 white Loliense is one of Dani’s best wines. There is everything in it that we like. It’s a smooth wine with subtle acidity that is about fruits and good flavours. 

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