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KRISTINUS "Analóg" 2020 - Bortársaság

KRISTINUS"Analóg" 2020

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It was March and we were tasting the wines of the new vintage at Kristinus. What we knew about the team there after the brief introduction is that they make enjoyable wines with pure flavours, from biodynamic grapes, and work very quickly: the bottles are quickly labelled and most of them leave for some distant country. Nevertheless, there was an unlabelled, anonymous bottle on the table – a tank sample they didn’t yet exactly know what to make of. We, on the other hand, soon winked and reserved the wine on the spot, as it was exactly what we were looking for as an everyday wine. It is somewhere halfway between the spring whites (Irsai and Zenit) and the rich orange wines of the cellar, with the greatest enjoyment factor, made in the simplest way. From then on, we’ve been thinking together. Seeing timeless things made from good ingredients, proven old methods, healthy grapes and straightforward, clean flavours in front of our eyes. That is why the wine was named Analóg.

Three-quarters of the Analóg is Tramini (Traminer), which also has a quarter of Sauvignon Blanc. Instead of maceration, the grapes of both varieties were pressed after destemming and then fermented separately with their own yeast in temperature-controlled steel tanks. Following the month of ageing on rough lees, the wines were blended, then it was aged for another half year on the fine lees. Finally, the first vintage of Analóg – which is surely not the last – was bottled with little added sulphur.

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