LÉGLI Chardonnay 2019

Chardonnay 2019

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2 890 HUF
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Two-thirds of it is from the young crop of János Hill, aged in stainless steel: an elegant, citrusy component, “the grapes are still in their salad days,” says Ottó. One-third of it is made up by grapes from the Landord, fermented and aged in barrels. The Landord is a natural vineyard: it had never been cultivated before, the soil was never given synthetic herbicides or pesticides. With its 21-year-old vines, complex soil and sunlit slopes, it brings richness into the wine and as it yields incredibly little, this component also gives the concentration. There is no malolactic fermentation, the result is a taut, flavour-rich, full-bodied and dense wine with lots of white fruit at the start, then tropical fruit on the finish. 


Légli Ottó
0.75 l
13.5 alc
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