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BÉLA ÉS BANDI Olaszrizling 2020 - Bortársaság

BÉLA ÉS BANDIOlaszrizling 2020

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The great classic of Béla and Bandi from one their best terroirs. The bunches were picked from Novi Sad (Újvidék, in Hungarian) Olaszrizling clones, vinified in a classic way – after destemming and pressing, the wine was fermented in temperature-controlled tanks silently and lengthily. We matched the colour of the new screw cap to fit the wine, while on the inside the bottle there’s yellow apple, full flavours, flowers, citrus fruit and limestone saltiness.

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Béla és Bandi

Two guys of thirty whom as if we know. They have a tractor. And they have 10 hectares vineyard. Vineyard in fields of Balatonszőlős and the field names quoting folk tales, such as Gella, Száka, and Hajagos. On the other hand they have not got sonorous philosophy, image which can be converted into money.
There are work with the plantation, washing up the casks and harvest. And of course the wine. In 2006 they made a classic, full-bodied and crispy sauvignon blanc and it quotes elder, gooseberry and cantaloupe. Béla and Bandi. They.  And we, the Bortársaság. Together it is an opportunity to show the wine of every day in its most noble sense. The wine we know from our home. And the wine we love from our home.

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