FIGULA 7ha 2018

7ha 2018

The product is no longer available.

“It’s a seven-hectare plot in Balatonszőlős with four varieties. It was dad who planted them. We thought we’d make a wine from it that has a completely unique character. You shouldn’t look for the four varieties in the wine, but rather the place of growth itself, in which both of our limestones (the red and the Triassic) are present, often in such slabs from which we could make individual parcel wines. The motto of the whole thing is that we harvest all the four varieties on the same day. They are all mid-ripening but by the time the Sauvignon and the Chardonnay become markedly good, the Pinot Gris and the Sárgamuskotály can over-ripen a bit. And I like that. This way, the Sárgamuskotály’s direct, loud aromas aren’t in the wine and it doesn’t block out the seven hectares. And we’re really satisfied with this 2018. It’s exactly the wine style we imagined at the beginning. It’s cool with good acidity, yet rich and very much about the place of growth.” — Mihály Figula. 

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