FIGULA Bella Róza Rosé 2018

Bella Róza Rosé 2018

The product is no longer available.

“It’s a different level of rosé than what we’re used to, and fell for, in Hungary. It’s the opposite of the tutti-frutti world. It was made from our own plot that is about this wine: on the lower part of Öreg Hill in Balatonszőlős, where the thicker growing layer of the soil gives fuller Cabernet bunches – not in the same way as on the upper part of the vineyard where the soil is a lot stonier and the juice is less in the berries. In the last couple of years, we learnt that the whole thing depends on no more than three days. If we manage to catch it at the right time, then there is fruit and spice as well. If we harvest earlier, we only get the spice, if later, then the fruit. If there are both, then it will obviously be more elegant and we also get the ‘Bella’ character” – Mihály Figula.

After almost 10 trial harvests, the Cabernet bunches that were harvested at ideal ripeness were gently destemmed without crushing the berries. Following the brief skin contact and gentle pressing, half of the must was fermented spontaneously in tanks, the other half in third-fill barrels, in the same way as the big white wines of the winery are. Following half a year of fine lees ageing, and then minimal fining, it was bottled in March.

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