FIGULA Sóskút Olaszrizling 2018

Sóskút Olaszrizling 2018

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“Driving towards Tótvázsony, on the western side of the hill, is our Sóskút vineyard. It’s a plot right under the limestone quarry, which with its limestone and mineral content gives a very special wine. Apart from the grapes and the almonds, there’s nothing else that can stand this very stony soil. The roots find their way down towards the water layer through the clay strips among the limestone slabs.” – Mihály Figula. 

Balatonszőlős Olszrizling from pure limestone, from 40-year-old vines. A simple process, traditional winemaking. The must pressed from the bunches was fermented spontaneously, then aged in used 10-hectolitre barrels for a year.   

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