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GELLAVILLA Olaszrizling 2020 - Bortársaság

GELLAVILLAOlaszrizling 2020

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With Gellavilla wines, changes and differences in style every year can be expected, as the harvest is carried out in the same manner, with lots of intuitive decisions. Yet, there’s always an exception, in this case, it’s the yellow screw-cap Olaszrizling that is made in the same style, reductively in Béla Fodor’s temperature-controlled tanks. The backbone of the raw material is provided by the old vines planted in 1972. The vintage resulted in a one more step warmer, more substantial wine, and the finish is further rounded out by a bit (5g/l) of residual sugar. The rapid processing and temperature-controlled tank-fermentation was followed by half a year of ageing on the lees. 

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