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GELLAVILLA Olaszrizling 2021 - Bortársaság

GELLAVILLAOlaszrizling 2021

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HUF 2 750
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HUF 2 520

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Tasting it from the tank, we could already sense that Gellavilla’s well-known wine, the Olaszrizling, had changed: it has climbed up a category with the new vintage. Stepping out beyond the lively, crispy Olaszrizling style, the palate is now more substantial, the flavours are riper, the overall picture is rounder, and the quantity is less than it was last year. The core variety of the seven-hectare estate is Olaszrizling, which grows on five hectares, most of which are old vines planted in 1972, complemented by young plantations. Cultivation is organic, harvesting is carried out manually, and fermentation (only in the case of this wine) is done reductively in temperature-controlled tanks.

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