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ÁDÁMÉK Kékfrankos Lazac Rosé 2018

Kékfrankos Lazac Rosé 2018

The product is no longer available.

The third rosé that has been made together by the two Ádáms, from pure, free-run juice, is nicely balanced, with subtle acidity and a salmon colour.


“It’s a good question why we do it together. From a professional standpoint, we don’t need each other, we both know what we’re doing but somehow one plus one is more than two. We have a great relationship and constantly egg each other on and the aim is a couple of contemporary, truly pure Eger wines. With the rosé, we picked a month earlier than last year, at the end of September. From an attractive half hectare plot on which the vines stand completely straight in the taut training system. My grandfather cultivates them. The borrowed Italian press we’d been working with couldn’t do anything with such a small amount of grapes, thus the result came out of an accidental experiment: we let the pure free-run juice from the whole bunches flow out. What the grapes let out from their own weight, was like an essence."

Ádám Molnár, winemaker.  

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