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ST. ANDREA Napbor 2019

Napbor 2019

The product is no longer available.

Napbor (i.e. ‘Sun wine’) has been conjured up as an Egri Csillag (Eger star) wine for years, but it always runs out before March 15, the official launch date of the Csillag. Thus, this time an aromatic, pristinely pure and hip ‘first chapter’ is being released, which is to be replaced by the Csillag version in the spring. “It’s fresh, substantial with good-acidity, and is fundamentally a tank-made wine in which the Olaszrizling base is spiced up by Királyleányka, Zengő and a touch of Tramini,” says Gyuri.


We need to add that it doesn’t lack body and creaminess either, but with the Csillag version there is going to be a bit more oak and some mid-ripening white varieties put into the bottle as well.

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