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KÁRÁSZTELEK Friza Rosé Gyöngyözőbor 2020 - Bortársaság

KÁRÁSZTELEKFriza Rosé Gyöngyözőbor 2020

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HUF 2 450
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Made via the Asti method, which means that it contains solely the carbon dioxide that comes from its own fermentation – carried out in special pressure-proof tanks by stopping the fermentation and the saturation of the carbon dioxide. At the time when the fermentation is halted, almost 6g/l of residual sugar remains in the wine, besides the 7g/l acidity. That gives good-drinkability roundness, alongside vibrant acidity.

The 2020 vintage was outstanding for the base wines of all types of sparkling wine. Ripening started later and was slower than usual, thus at the time of the harvest, the aromas of the Pinot Noir were at their peak, while its lively acids remained ‘untouched’ and nicely vitalize the Friza Rozé’s freshness and enhance its vivacious bubbles.

The little girl’s face on the original label was an effective and loved motive on the Romanian market, where the majority (almost 80%) of the wine is sold, so they therefore decided to change the label in Hungary as well, bringing the original motive back but in a more contemporary form.

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