MAURER OSZKÁR Kadarka 2017

Kadarka 2017

The product is no longer available.

It’s the crop of old vines from the south of Csongrád that partly originate from before the phylloxera epidemic, planted in the 1880s, in 1912 and 1925. It was spontaneously fermented in open vats with punching down by hand. Aged for a year in 10-year-old oak barrels, then bottled in its natural state, unfiltered and unfined. The grapes were harvested earlier than usual, so that the wine has a more elegant style and good drinkability. An opalescent, unfiltered appearance in the glass, with a lively palate and friendly acidity. Possibly this wine stands out the most from the pack with its reductive notes, yet the ‘untouched’ appearance of the primary fruitiness is very exciting in the glass. 

Maurer Oszkár
11 alc
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