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KÁLI KÖVEK Kalamona Cuvée (H-J-FM) 2021 - Bortársaság

KÁLI KÖVEKKalamona Cuvée (H-J-FM) 2021

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Sailing on waters new – this is Gyula Szabó’s first wine from Somló. “The place excited me, and even more what the three varieties were like together. It was a practice in style,” says Gyula about the Hárslevelű-Furmint-Juhfark blend, in which the three varieties are present in almost equal proportions. Although the grapes come from further away from the Köveskál cellar, the style is still familiar to Gyula’s other volcanic wines. The slight difference is given precisely by the extra layer that only Somló wines have. After the hand harvest, fermentation happened spontaneously in barrels, followed by 7 months of ageing. Its name was inspired by the Szélkötő Kalamona, a dragon in a Hungarian fairy-tale who steals the wind, thus bringing heat and drought in the summer. “He’s not a positive hero, but for the volcano, the fire and the qualities of the year made it obvious, and the label for it was drawn by Bori Rutkai. The dragon’s three heads refer to the three varieties. It takes us back to the archaic world of fairy tales.” – Gyula Szabó.

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