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KÁLI KÖVEK Köveskál Olaszrizling 2020 - Bortársaság

KÁLI KÖVEKKöveskál Olaszrizling 2020

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Gyula Szabó’s most important village wine is the Köveskál. The winemaker’s well-known approach, whereby he goes around the Káli Basin and selects from the best vineyards, doesn’t happen in the case of this wine. Köveskál has been made from his own grapes since the beginning, from the half-hectare, inherited Olaszrizling plantation on Fekete Hill, from 50-year-old, organically cultivated vines. Following the hand-harvest and destemming, the pure free-run juice is put into used barrels, where it then ferments spontaneously and slowly settles to end up clear. It’s a great favourite of ours from this vintage.

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