KÁLI KÖVEK Köveskál Olaszrizling 2019

Köveskál Olaszrizling 2019

The product is no longer available.

“This is our own plot, this is what we’ve known the longest, with 46-47-year old vines, and we always set the harvest date based on the sight and taste of the grapes. There has been a slight change in winemaking: it had always been aged in Miklósi barrels, but last year a renewed Budapest Kádár barrel was also put alongside them. For this reason, there’s slightly more of an oaky note in it.” – Gyula Szabó.

Indeed, the stronger oak note is tangible but it suits the wine. It’s already integrated, instead of covering up something in it. And with time, it will be even better. The palate is thicker and unfolds more slowly than in the case of the earlier ones. 2,500 bottles made.

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