BOTT FRIGYES Pinot Noir 2019

Pinot Noir 2019

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5 650 HUF
Unit price: 7 533 HUF / litre.
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First, the foot-trampled whole bunches were put into the vat, on top of that, the healthy whole bunches, then finally the gently destemmed berries were put on the top by the winemaker. The biodynamically-grown grapes fermented this way, spontaneously, with their own yeast and with minimal punching down. It spent a long time (3.5 weeks) in the vat, from where the fresh wine was put into the basket press, then into 500-litre barrels, without sulphur, for 8 months. When we first tasted it in the spring, it exuded incredible power. It was bottled unfiltered and unfined, therefore keeping this rich, vibrant, natural feel, alongside the variety’s fragile elegance and layers. 

Pinot Noir
Bott Frigyes
0.75 l
13.5 alc
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